Conditions & Use of Archive Material

If you are using Dawson City Museum photographs for purposes other than private research and study, you are required to complete a Usage Agreement and pay associated Usage Fees.

Usage Fees

Publishing: A Usage Fee of $10.00 per image is charged for the use of Dawson City Museum photographs in books, magazines, newspapers, films, videos, virtual exhibits, websites,  CD ROMs and all other published works.

Commercial: A Usage Fee of $50.00 per image is charged for the use of Dawson City Museum photographs in advertisements, or on items for re-sale, such as calendars, coffee mugs, postcards, t-shirts, etc

Usage Agreement

Below is the wording of the Usage Agreement which you will receive electronically after paying Usage Fees for the publication or commercial use of a Dawson City Museum photograph. By paying these fees you agree to the following conditions of use:

Distribution Rights Granted

  • Non-exclusive, one-time use
  • World rights
  • All languages

Credit Line

All use of images must include Dawson City Museum name and the image number in a caption or credit, except for films, in which the Dawson City Museum’s name must appear in the credits, but image numbers are not required.

Example of a credit line: Dawson City Museum 1995.1.2

Credits should appear in close proximity to the image or in a special section devoted to credits.  However, reproductions distributed electronically must contain the credit or caption as part of the image. The payment of a Commercial Use Fee does not exempt the user from the credit line requirement.

Conditions of Use

  1. Permission for publication is subject to your receipt of a copy of this agreement issued by an authorized agent of the Dawson City Museum (DCM).

    Permission for publication is granted for the expressed purpose described in this agreement. This permission is non-exclusive. DCM reserves the right to reproduce the image and allow others to reproduce the image.

    Permission granted terminates immediately upon publication or production of the Product.

    A Product produced simultaneously in more than one medium, such as a magazine published in both paper and electronic versions, is considered a single use for the purposes of this Agreement.
    Solely in connection with the marketing and distribution of the Product, the applicant may use the image on the packaging of the Product and in any advertisement, product catalogues, publicity or promotional use.

    Any subsequent use (including subsequent editions and adaptations, related Products, web versions, etc.) constitutes reuse and must be applied for separately from the Museum and will be subject to a Usage Fee.
  2. DCM reserves the right to require a release from individuals whose privacy may be violated by the production of an image. Use of an image or voice of an identifiable individual in a manner which suggests association with or endorsement of any product, service, cause or institution is prohibited.
    DCM extends the rights of privacy to include images of sacred and ceremonial objects and rites of the First Nations and requires permission from an authorized tribal member before releasing reproductions.
    The applicant agrees to hold DCM and its agents harmless against any and all claims arising or resulting from the use of the material and shall indemnify the repository and its agents for any and all costs and damages arising or resulting from any such unauthorized use.
  3. Images supplied by DCM may not be copied, scanned, exhibited, resold or used for any other purpose than that specified in this agreement. Copies shall not be deposited in another library, archives, or repository.
  4. Unless approved in advance by DCM, images shall be reproduced in their entirety and shall not be retouched or altered in any way which could affect their historic or artistic integrity.
    Permission to reproduce does not include permission to reproduce a portion or detail of the work.  If desired, the publisher may re-apply to reproduce a detail of the work.  If permission is granted, the word “detail” will appear in the title caption.
  5. Prepayment of all fees, including Usage Fees, is required before permission is granted.
  6. If requested, the applicant agrees to send the repository one copy of the Product containing DCM image(s) at no charge. All expenses for shipping and handling are to be borne by the applicant.
  7. Reproduction is permitted only from digital files supplied by DCM.
  8. Additional conditions or exceptions to the above requirements:
  9. The personal information DCM has collected for this Agreement is not used for any other purpose.


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